Socrata was acquired by Tyler Technologies in 2018 and is now the Data and Insights division of Tyler. The platform is still powered by the same software formerly known as Socrata but you will see references to Data & Insights going forward.

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A Move to Main Branch
Peter Moore on 13 Oct 2021


Time Series Analysis with Jupyter Notebooks and Socrata
rlvoyer on 07 Oct 2019
Continual Improvement : CI / CD at Tyler Technologies, Data & Insights Division
JoeNunnelley on 26 Sep 2019
Welcome (back) to our blog!
helenasw on 14 Aug 2019


Elixir in production, an open data tale
rozap on 28 Aug 2017
Creating a monthly calendar with
chrismetcalf on 30 Mar 2017
Conditional notifications with Huginn
chrismetcalf on 29 Mar 2017
Validate Your Data with FME
cdesisto on 02 Feb 2017
Visualizing data using the Google Calendar Chart
stuagano on 03 Jan 2017
Scrubbing data with Python
stuagano on 03 Jan 2017
Gauge Visualizations using the Google Charts library
stuagano on 03 Jan 2017


Import TLS Security Upgrade
chrismetcalf on 29 Nov 2016
Pulling data from Hadoop and Publishing to Socrata
stuagano on 28 Oct 2016
Using Pentaho to Read data from Salesforce and Publish to Socrata
dkuttner on 30 Aug 2016
SNI now required for HTTPS connections
chrismetcalf on 24 Aug 2016
PowerShell and SODA
joeywas on 24 Aug 2016
RSocrata as an ETL framework
stuagano on 29 Jul 2016
Pre-generated code snippets for Socrata Open Data APIs
chrismetcalf on 11 Jul 2016
Open Data and Search Relevance
rlvoyer on 06 Jul 2016
Analyze data with one click via CartoDB,
chrismetcalf on 01 Jul 2016
Quickly Building an Ember Application Backed by Socrata Open Data
zachgarwood on 30 Jun 2016
Geospatial Analysis with Socrata and QGIS
PeterAustinMoore on 13 Jun 2016
Clarification of throttling limits
chrismetcalf on 04 Jun 2016
Telling stories with Open Data: Socrata Perspectives for National Day of Civic Hacking
chrismetcalf on 03 Jun 2016
Finding Open Data resources for National Day of Civic Hacking
chrismetcalf on 02 Jun 2016
New geospatial functions, $having parameter
chrismetcalf on 01 Jun 2016
Preparing for National Day of Civic Hacking
chrismetcalf on 19 May 2016
Upper bound now set on Catalog Search API
chrismetcalf on 04 May 2016
Natural Language Processing of Consumer Complaint Narratives with SODAPy and Algorithmia
HoogieMan on 03 May 2016
SODA API sidebar updates
on 02 May 2016
intersects(...), distance_in_meters(...)
chrismetcalf on 31 Mar 2016
Using a SSIS to write to a Socrata Dataset
aliciatb on 17 Mar 2016
New Tools for Sample Queries
chrismetcalf on 03 Mar 2016
Discuss datasets and APIs on GitHub
chrismetcalf on 18 Feb 2016
Data Visualization with Plotly and Pandas
jsanch on 02 Feb 2016
Data Analysis with Python and pandas using Jupyter Notebook
aag6z on 01 Feb 2016
API Foundry path change
chrismetcalf on 26 Jan 2016
Added more detail about how to access system fields within SODA
chrismetcalf on 04 Jan 2016


Using R and Shiny to Find Outliers with Scatter and Box Plots
marks on 28 Nov 2015
Introducing clarified SODA API versioning
chrismetcalf on 25 Nov 2015
Analyzing Open Data with SAS
marks on 10 Nov 2015 goes HTTPS!
chrismetcalf on 30 Oct 2015
API Documentation for Private Datasets
chrismetcalf on 27 Oct 2015
New API endpoints now default for API documentation
chrismetcalf on 08 Oct 2015
Socrata Labs Export API Deprecation, $limit raised on new dataset APIs
chrismetcalf on 31 Jul 2015
Building SMS Applications with Twilio
justgrimes on 09 Jul 2015
Forecasting with RSocrata
stuagano on 17 Jun 2015
What makes a great "open data mashup"?
chrismetcalf on 12 Jun 2015
Open Data Mashup - Summer Jam Online Hackathon
chrismetcalf on 02 Jun 2015
Developer Support for National Day of Civic Hacking 2015
chrismetcalf on 02 Jun 2015
Pentaho Kettle ETL Toolkit
Chicago on 29 May 2015
Making a heatmap with R
benunsworth on 20 May 2015
Tracking Economic Development with Open Data and Predictive Algorithms
chrismetcalf on 19 May 2015
Streaming Geospatial Processing in the Socrata Platform
velvia on 07 May 2015
Socrata Civic Developer Newsletter: Important and exciting updates about the Socrata Open Data API
chrismetcalf on 30 Apr 2015
Migration to new, high-performance Socrata Open Data APIs
chrismetcalf on 27 Apr 2015
New advanced Export API introduced to
chrismetcalf on 27 Apr 2015
New global catalog search API introduced
chrismetcalf on 27 Apr 2015
Create a column chart with Highcharts
marks on 30 Mar 2015
"Thank a Govie" Today
chrismetcalf on 06 Mar 2015
Generating a within_box() query with Leaflet.js
chriswhong on 10 Feb 2015
Using a Wufoo form to write to a Socrata Dataset
chriswhong on 09 Feb 2015
Socrata announces support for Open Data Day and CodeAcross local events
chrismetcalf on 30 Jan 2015
Pushing Sensor Data to Socrata
chriswhong on 11 Jan 2015


Using a jQueryUI date slider to build a SODA Query
chriswhong on 24 Dec 2014
Introduction to the FME Writer with Socrata
Thom Robbins on 04 Dec 2014
DataSync 101 with Socrata
Thom Robbins on 24 Nov 2014
Help Your Community Prepare for Flu Season by Deploying a Flu Shot Finder App
chrismetcalf on 13 Nov 2014
Data Ingress 101 with Socrata
Thom Robbins on 13 Nov 2014
Data Analysis with Python, Pandas, and Bokeh
chrismetcalf on 04 Nov 2014
App Tokens and Registrations - Developer Spotlight
Thom Robbins on 15 Oct 2014
Using the FME Socrata Writer
alaurenz on 09 Oct 2014
Webinar Wrap Up: Getting Started with Civic Application Development
Thom Robbins on 08 Oct 2014
Filtering Datasets with SoQl - Developer Spotlight
Thom Robbins on 01 Oct 2014
Animated Heatmap with Heatmap.js
chriswhong on 01 Oct 2014
Build a physical "Traffic Light"
chrismetcalf on 26 Sep 2014
Finding APIs with Socrata - Developer Spotlight
Thom Robbins on 24 Sep 2014
Improving the Developer Experience: New Libraries and SDKs, Community Contributions, and More
chrismetcalf on 15 Sep 2014
Webinar: Getting Started with Civic Application Development
Thom Robbins on 05 Sep 2014
Data Publishing 101: Ingress Basics with the SODA2 API, Socrata interface, and DataSync
Thom Robbins on 29 Aug 2014
Google Maps Mashup
chrismetcalf on 31 May 2014
Google Maps with KML
chrismetcalf on 31 May 2014
DataSync Version 1.0 Released
alaurenz on 06 May 2014
New Community-Powered Developer Portal Revitalizes Open Data
chrismetcalf on 09 Apr 2014
Upsert via soda-ruby
on 26 Mar 2014
Changes to the handling of NULLs in Upsert operations
chrismetcalf on 11 Feb 2014


Simple column chart with D3
chrismetcalf on 13 Aug 2013