Socrata was acquired by Tyler Technologies in 2018 and is now the Data and Insights division of Tyler. The platform is still powered by the same software formerly known as Socrata but you will see references to Data & Insights going forward.

Want to help?

The Socrata Developer Portal is designed to accept contributions from the community. Interested in helping out? We've got a number of ways you can help improve our resources. Everything is based on Github Pages, so it's easy to chip in.

Found a bug?

If you've found a bug, please feel free to file an issue on Github. We'll take a look and see what we can do!

Think you can fix it yourself?

If you've found an improvement you'd like to make yourself, send us a pull request and we'll happily review it. There are instructions on how to build and test in our README.

Come up with something awesome?

If you've built something really cool, or integrated the Socrata API with a new framework or technology, and you want to share it, let us know by filing an issue. We'll get in touch with you and discuss how we can feature it.

Built a new library?

We love it when the community contributes to our library of libraries and SDKs. If you've got one for us, let us know!. We'll add it to our collection.