Socrata was acquired by Tyler Technologies in 2018 and is now the Data and Insights division of Tyler. The platform is still powered by the same software formerly known as Socrata but you will see references to Data & Insights going forward.

Analyze data with one click via CartoDB,

We’re excited to introduce a new feature of our API documentation tool - one-click integration with the data visualization and analysis tool, as well as the CartoDB geospatial mapping platform.

Now, within the sidebar of every dataset API documentation page, like this one of all of Chicago’s bike routes, you’ll find a new “External Integrations” section with options to explore that dataset with or CartoDB.

For example, with one click, we loaded that Chicago bike routes dataset into CartoDB, and created this visualization that color codes the bike routes by type:

If your data isn’t geospatial, don’t worry. You can also use to build interactive graphs and charts, like this one based on City of Reno call for service response times:

The feature is still new, and we plan on adding new integrations with other services in the future. If you have any questions, issues, or new functionality you’d like to see, reach out and let us know!