Socrata was acquired by Tyler Technologies in 2018 and is now the Data and Insights division of Tyler. The platform is still powered by the same software formerly known as Socrata but you will see references to Data & Insights going forward.

Socrata announces support for Open Data Day and CodeAcross local events

This February 21st marks the fifth annual International Open Data Day. What started as loosely-organized, grassroots movement has grown to become an awesome network of worldwide open government events including CodeAcross and the Global Urban Datafest.

This year also marks the fifth year that Socrata has been excited to participate and support local event organizers. If you’re organizing an event in your community, there are a number of ways we can help.

  • Free Open Data Portals & APIs - You can’t have an open data hackathon without open APIs, and through the Socrata Community Data Platform, we provide free Socrata mini-catalogs to community groups and hackathon organizers. Simply provide a few details about your event and we’ll get you set up with your own fully-hosted data portal complete with visualization tools, SODA APIs, and all the functionality you’ve become accustomed to on Socrata open data portals.
  • In-person and virtual support - Our team has run and participated in hundreds of successful hackathons. We also have employees located around the world who are passionate about solving civic problems with open data. In many cases, we may be able to send people to your event to help developers get started with our open data APIs. And if your event is too far or we can’t make it, we’ll also be offering live virtual support on the day of the event.
  • Mentorship and sponsorship - If you need help figuring out how to organize your event, market to developers, or optimize open data, we’re also glad to provide mentorship to event organizers. In addition, the Hackathon Guide is a helpful resource that will walk you through the steps in organizing your own event. We also have sponsorships available to help support your event.

If any of these resources sound like they might help make your Open Data Day event a success, please fill out our application form and we’ll get back to you about how we might be able to help!