Response Codes & Errors

Code Error Description
200 OK Your request was successful
202 Request Processing You can retry your request, and when it’s complete, you’ll get a 200 instead
400 Bad Request Probably your request was malformed. See the error message in the body for details
401 Unauthorized You attempted to authenticate but something went wrong. Make sure follow the instructions to authenticate properly
403 Forbidden You’re not authorized to access this resource. Make sure you authenticate to access private datasets
404 Not Found The resource requested doesn’t exist
429 Too Many Requests Your client is currently being rate limited. Make sure you’re using an app token
500 Server Error Our bad! Something has gone wrong with Socrta’s platform. Please let us know if you encounter a 500 error

For any variety of error, we return a standard error message format that looks like the following:

  "code": "query.compiler.malformed",
  "error": true,
  "message": "Could not parse SoQL query \"select * where string_column > 42\"",
  "data": {
    "query": "select * where string_column > 42"