The $query Parameter

The $query parameter allows you to combine multiple SoQL clauses together into a single parameter, for convenience. Similar to SQL, clauses must be specified in a specific order:

Note that unlike SQL, there is no FROM clause.

For example, you could combine $select and $where parameters together as follows:$query=SELECT location, magnitude WHERE magnitude > 4.2

For a full listing of the functionality available in SoQL, check out the the SoQL documentation.


The $query parameter also allows you to use another advanced feature of SoQL - sub-queries. Sub-queries allow you to further refine the results of a query by chaining queries together.

To create a sub-select, follow a $query string with the |> operator and a further query. For example, the following would allow you to determine the number of unique city_feature types, as well as the total number of entries, in the Seattle My Neighborhood Maps dataset:$query=SELECT city_feature, COUNT(*) AS count GROUP BY city_feature |> SELECT COUNT(city_feature) AS num_types, SUM(count) AS total_features