Returns the rows that have geodata within the specified box, defined by latitude, longitude corners

Works with the following datatypes:

This function works with 2.0 and 2.1 endpoint(s). What does this mean? »

The within_box(...) function is used in the $where parameter filter for Point or Location values within a box defined by two points. It accepts four parameters:

  • The field name of a Location or Point
  • The latitude of your northwest point
  • The longitude of your northwest point
  • The latitude of your southeast point
  • The longitude of your southeast point

For example, to query for all of the Seattle Fire 911 Calls calls within the stadium district:

https://data.seattle.gov/resource/kzjm-xkqj.json?$where=within_box(report_location, 47.5998951, -122.33707, 47.5942794, -122.3270522)