Checkbox Datatype

Checkbox fields are boolean values that represent either true or false. If a value was not provided for the field, they can also be null. Example, in JSON:

[ {
  "checkbox_column": true
} ]

The following operators can be used with checkbox fields:

Operator Description
!= TRUE when two checkbox booleans have the same value
= TRUE when two checkbox booleans do not have the same value

And the following functions can be used with them:

Keyword Name Description Availability
distinct Returns distinct set of records 2.1
Function Name Description Availability
case(...) Returns different values based on the evaluation of boolean comparisons 2.1
count(...) Returns a count of a given set of records 2.0 and 2.1

For example, in combination with an aggregation, to get the count of all of the crimes in Chicago that resulted in arrest:$select=count(*)&$where=arrest=true

Since checkbox values are already booleans, you can actually leave off the =true in that expression:$select=count(*)&$where=arrest