Socrata was acquired by Tyler Technologies in 2018 and is now the Data and Insights division of Tyler. The platform is still powered by the same software formerly known as Socrata but you will see references to Data & Insights going forward.

PowerShell and SODA

Connectors PowerShell is a automation and configuration tool that is optimized for dealing with structured data (such as JSON and XML). It was recently open-sourced by Microsoft and runs on Windows, Linux, and OS X.

To get data from a Socrata Open Data API in PowerShell, it is as easy as calling the Invoke-RestMethod cmdlet:

Invoke-RestMethod -Uri -Method get

A full example of inserting data can be found in the Active Directory attributes to Socrata Github. I’ve also added a snippet to the automatic API documentation (example) that you can just copy and paste for your dataset!