Publisher API Basics

Heads Up! The ability to modify a dataset requires special permissions.


For the tightest possible integration between your source system and your Socrata platform, you’ll want to integrate directly with the Socrata Publisher API. The Publisher API allows you to programmatically:

  • Add, update, and delete rows within a Socrata dataset
  • Maintain dataset metadata and privacy settings
  • Create and import Socrata datasets

All these operations are provided via our RESTful APIs.

Authentication, Application Tokens, and Throttling

To ensure the security of your updates, all requests to the Publisher APIs are required to be:

Since these are standard functionalities provided by nearly all HTTP libraries, authentication is easy to set up in almost every popular contemporary programming language.

Row Identifiers

One of the most important concepts to establish before you get started with the Publisher API is that of dataset row identifiers. Row identifiers allow both consumers and publishers to uniquely identify individual unique rows within your dataset, and they allow Socrata to intelligently update your dataset based on those row identifiers.

Modifying Socrata Datasets

The Socrata Publisher API provides several primary methods by which you can update Socrata datasets:

  • Direct manipulation of rows via PUT, POST, and DELETE operations
  • Bulk update via an “upsert” POST operation
  • Full replacement via a bulk PUT operation

All of these operations take advantage of the row identifiers described above.

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